Responsibility & Accountability Policy for Business Partners

This policy applies to Waves Republic and partners who register in the website in order to promote and sell their services and or products.

1 – The partner is responsible for the information entered on the website and must ensure that all information is truthful. All images must respect the copyright policy.

2 – In the event of error in the loading of price and / or availability information, the partner shall assume responsibility and provide alternatives to the customer. Waves Republic will assist in the process but cannot be held responsible for the information lapses provided to the customer.

3 – All the changes made in the extranet are to be updated in the period of 24 hours. That is, the changes are immediate but there will be a 24 hour period required to release bookings that are being processed and already confirmed with the previous rates, availability or other information.

4 – Waves Republic is responsible for providing all the necessary information so that the partner can use the extranet in a comfortable and fast way. All questions related with the extranet: or 00351-915 430 907